Bits of last week #3

1. These white rabbit candy ice cream bars! When I was growing up, my grandmother seemed to have an endless supply of these milky chewy candies that came wrapped up in edible rice paper. Came across the ice cream version of these in a local Chinese supermarket, so of course I had to get a few boxes, which is just as well as I can’t find them anywhere anymore…

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Bits of last week #2

1. These lovely double-walled India Mahdavi x Nespresso coffee cups, even if one morning in my sleep-deprived haze I somehow managed to pour half the cup into my lap. They feel fantastic to the touch, and have just the right amount of weight to feel super satisfying to handle

2. This beautiful view while I waited to get my second Covid-19 vaccine dose… I am now officially fully vaccinated! Less fun was the subsequent headache and fever and exhaustion, but… eh. Worth it.

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Super-saturated Chinatown.


There’s always so much to look at in Chinatown… it’s literally a feast for the senses! Vividly warm colours, an odd preponderance of neon pink baseball caps, an abundance of food everywhere (including braised duck tongue, which, while delicious, is also obviously a severed tongue which is causing me cognitive dissonance).