a package from photojojo!

i got a tiny little dinosaur! that’s possibly one of my favourite bits about buying things from photojojo…the little surprise dinosaur they include in the package.

in terms of things i actually purchased…

this absolutely brilliant poster! i’ve put it on my wall right above my desk, and i am, in fact, staring right at it as i type up this post. it makes me smile. 😀

i also got a new case for my iPhone! it’s made out of bamboo, and it’s also got a bit of a raised edge round the front so that when i put it facedown (which i tend to do more often than is strictly speaking wise) my iPhone’s screen stays nice and safe. it also smells quite nicely of wood, and feels very nice. it’s a tad bit bulky, but it’s also very light, and absolutely gorgeous!

i’ve already started plotting what else i want to get from the photojojo store…they have such fantastic things! i want:
seat belt camera straps

polaroid sx-70 that’s been restored to mint condition (sadly out of stock, and not available again until october, and also rather out of range of my budget…but a girl can dream, i suppose?)
magnetic photo rope