road trip to california; day 1 – washington state.

last summer, my family set out on a road trip to california. my parents are amazing morning people, so we set out ridiculously early and drove pretty much straight through washington state until we got to oregon.

not being much of a morning person myself, i have to admit i slept through most of washington state…i pretty much only woke up twice, once when we stopped for petrol…

and once when we stopped for lunch in a tiny little town. it was still fairly early in the day, so all we could get were some lukewarm hotdogs at a tiny little diner called Skeek’s. the food was generic and cheap, but they had some very nice vintage type decorations in their diner.

after lunch, more driving! we drove until we got to hood river, oregon, where we had dinner at full sail brewery, a very nice brewpub.