Bits of last week #9

1. Super obsessed with the green growing things on my super fancy plant shelf. I never thought of myself as having a green thumb of any sort, so pandemic self-discovery win!

2. Been on a bit of a cleaning and decluttering kick lately, and I’ve discovered a ton of teas that I forgot I had, ha.

3. My messy and organically-grown gallery walls are so good to look at and make me feel so happy!

4. Coffee for me and water for my plants.

5. About a third of the way through this year’s temperature blanket, and while I didn’t pick the colours particularly intentionally this time round, I’m still enjoying seeing it build up!

6. Sunny breezy day, an enormous latte, and iridescent slippers. Lovely morning.


When I first got my monstera, the leaves were short and small and minimally hole-y. Over some time, though, it’s grown enormously, and the biggest leaves have sprouted those lovely classic holes! In fact it’s grown so well that I’ve taken the leap to cull the biggest and lushest leaves to attempt to propagate them!

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