Bits of last week #5

1. Quiet heatwave day at the beach. Also I have developed a weird fondness for my watch + ring tan now.

2. Finally picked up a string of turtles! And in a lovely vintage brass pot to boot. Also got regifted a rosemary plant that someone gave my parents, which is now happily resettled into a fantastic handmade pot Chels gave me!

3. Took my beloved Minolta out for an airing for the first time since the pandemic kicked in. With bonus grumpy cat clay creation that I haven’t been able to stop fidgeting with.

4. Ikura success! It took a horrifying amount of time to unshuck this jarful of salmon roe from their egg sacs, but somehow they transformed into these lovely little intense orange gems.

5. Finally reunited with one of my besties after a year and a half apart and we had good tea, great chats, and I left with a handful of lemon mint cuttings that smell ridiculously fantastic and will hopefully sprout for me

Bits of last week #2

1. These lovely double-walled India Mahdavi x Nespresso coffee cups, even if one morning in my sleep-deprived haze I somehow managed to pour half the cup into my lap. They feel fantastic to the touch, and have just the right amount of weight to feel super satisfying to handle

2. This beautiful view while I waited to get my second Covid-19 vaccine dose… I am now officially fully vaccinated! Less fun was the subsequent headache and fever and exhaustion, but… eh. Worth it.

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no. 7, lane 210, taikang lu
shanghai, china


potato wedges with sweet chili
mushroom soup
peking duck wrap









in kommunest china, even the carrots taste good.

bella gelateria


bella gelateria
1001 w cordova st
(corner of fairmont pacific’s ground floor)
vancouver, canada


i’ve actually been to bella gelateria twice in as many weeks; it’s been that hot and their gelato is just that good!


on my first visit, i had a double scoop of tahitian vanilla and caramel and sea salt, and sampled thai organic coconut milk.

the thai organic coconut milk was actually not much like fresh thai coconut, but it wasn’t terrible, if you like the sort of coconut you get on posh fancy cakes and things. there were also some chunks of coconut in my sample, which makes for an interesting texture.


i settled for tahitian vanilla because it sounded safe, and caramel and sea salt because, well, it was AMAZING. the tahitian vanilla was very good, rich and creamy and flecked with vanilla.


the caramel, though, the caramel was so good, in fact, that i ordered it again when i went back for seconds. it’s rich and creamy and smooth, yes, but it’s also incredibly flavourful. the caramel is strong and packs a punch, and the added kick of sea salt offsets the caramel beautifully. it was actually a little saltier than i expected, but it was absolutely epic in my mouth. this is currently my favourite flavour of ice cream goodness.


this time, i got to try a few more flavours; fior di latte, black plum, and yuzu citrus sorbetto.

fior di latte was very milky, and really quite nice, but in light of all the interesting flavours that were available, it’s really a bit boring. sort of the comfort food of gelato, i suppose.
black plum was very…plummy, for lack of a better word. it had bits of plum skin, which gave the sorbet a nice bit of texture plus bonus flavour.
both these new flavours were quite good, but in the end i settled for a scoop of yuzu citrus sorbetto to go with my caramel.

i first tried yuzu on a Japan Airlines aeroplane, and it was amazing! i have never seen yuzu anywhere else in vancouver though, so i was thrilled to see it in sorbetto form, and it definitely lived up to my expectations! the yuzu citrus sorbetto was very refreshing, and its lightness and freshness was perfect for how hot the day was.



bella gelateria is tiny, but at the back of the shop there’s a counter that spans the width of the shop which is quite brilliant for people watching.

this is definitely somewhere i’ll be headed back to, even if it’s a tad bit pricey…the gelato has been completely worth it so far!