Bits of last week #8

1. Finally got some proper gardening tools! Not entirely sure what the difference between the different pointy bit shapes are, but they definitely made cutting my monstera much easier!

2. I’ve started trying to meditate more regularly in the morning. It’s tough going, but sometimes there are moments when things just feel weirdly calm and peaceful, so all in I’d say it’s good going too.

3. Unearthed my old yarn stash. Lost most of the labels on these, but working on my temperature blanket has me thinking about knitting a bit more again.

4. New old beach that was surprisingly peaceful in spite of the mad crowds.

5. Sometimes things just unexpectedly speak straight to things I’m puzzling over, I just have to be better at listening.

6. Got a tin of condensed milk recently out of a bout of weird nostalgic something or other. Also I’m sort of getting used to this weird construction backdrop now, odd as it may be.

7. I’ve been writing a lot more in the last few weeks, and it’s always a lovely meditative process when I get to refill and swap out my inks.

Now I know why I never have anything to wear…


This morning I woke up convinced I have absolutely no accessories at all and desperately need to go shopping. Had a little poke around and huh. I found watches and a few rings on a giraffe, bracelets and odds and ends in a box, necklaces and earrings on my bulletin board, and a dishful of cuffs.

Welp. I was wrong. I’ve got loads of stuff, I just have a complete inability to put things in one place. Also, I’ve clearly got to do a spring clean of all these things…