Plant shelf.

Finally got round to putting up a dedicated plant shelf rather than leaving them scattered around various flat surfaces, and it is BEAUTIFUL.

Things I’ve eaten #3

My eating habits have spiralled into constant grazing over the course of the pandemic, so here’s a collection of random things I’ve eaten lately.

Hello Nori’s Blue fin maguro chirashi don

Hello Nori has some really good hand rolls, but their chirashi don is pretty solid too! Juicy chunks of maguro, cubes of sweet tamago, ikura, tobiko, and a little dollops of yummy uni, all topped with a sprinkle of edible flowers!

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Bits of last week #8

1. Finally got some proper gardening tools! Not entirely sure what the difference between the different pointy bit shapes are, but they definitely made cutting my monstera much easier!

2. I’ve started trying to meditate more regularly in the morning. It’s tough going, but sometimes there are moments when things just feel weirdly calm and peaceful, so all in I’d say it’s good going too.

3. Unearthed my old yarn stash. Lost most of the labels on these, but working on my temperature blanket has me thinking about knitting a bit more again.

4. New old beach that was surprisingly peaceful in spite of the mad crowds.

5. Sometimes things just unexpectedly speak straight to things I’m puzzling over, I just have to be better at listening.

6. Got a tin of condensed milk recently out of a bout of weird nostalgic something or other. Also I’m sort of getting used to this weird construction backdrop now, odd as it may be.

7. I’ve been writing a lot more in the last few weeks, and it’s always a lovely meditative process when I get to refill and swap out my inks.


When I first got my monstera, the leaves were short and small and minimally hole-y. Over some time, though, it’s grown enormously, and the biggest leaves have sprouted those lovely classic holes! In fact it’s grown so well that I’ve taken the leap to cull the biggest and lushest leaves to attempt to propagate them!

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Bits of last week #6

1. Making the most of my last few weeks of sunny empty days by spending as much time as possible writing on the beach. This has mostly resulted in weird ink stains and patchy tanlines, but I’m slowly unwinding my brain from the jumble it’s been in.

2. My Eve’s Needle cactus is thriving like it never has before this summer! Of all my plant babies, this one’s my oldest; she somehow survived years of neglect, just somehow quietly getting along in spite of my regularly forgetting to water or fertilize her. And then over the pandemic, I discovered my green thumb and started taking proper care of her, and suddenly she’s sprouting right up!

3. I did a short clay workshop a few months ago, and made this weird little feline creature, with her vague anime Bastet vibes. I’ve been taking her everywhere with me, my new totem!

4. This summer has been definitely been a good time for my plants, also wound up water propping my little peperomia… every time I go to water my little sprouts there’s always a new leaf or two, which is kinda amazing!

5. I took my first hand-thrown pottery class and made these two wobbly uneven little containers! Depending on how they survive being fired, I’ll probably turn them into more pots for my growing plant collection, ha.

6. Really been enjoying my newly discovered green thumb lately. Germinating a couple little basil seeds, and also slowly sprouting tiny roots on a couple arms of my Eve’s Needle cactus!

7. Quick dinner, miso soup with loads of wakame, grilled salmon, and some edamame.