Snaps from outside #1

The rare sight of sun in Vancouver always brings people outside.

The steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery is always a choice place to sit and have lunch, especially since there’s always a bunch of excellent food trucks parked nearby.

Early start for a quick trip down to Seattle. Too early to focus, evidently.

The best part of the Sears closing sales are all the dress forms standing in a cluster hoping for a good home.

Wandered briefly past the Pike Place Public Market, but. No time for exploring today!

Running errands all day, including one that took me past this indoor dragon maze.

And through an outdoor urban maze too.

Always look up! Today, I found the site at which Mary Poppins and her chimney sweep apparently got caught up in some overhead wires…

The pigeons around here are getting increasingly acrobatic and creative with their perches

Symmetrical road blockers, lookit that!

This raven pretty much let me get as close as I wanted…

My favourite kind of sky!

My favourite bag with my favourite charm.

The fabulous new spring windows in our office!

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