Type Brigade no. 38

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Super excited about tonight’s Type Brigade… the speakers tonight were Tom Froese and Phoebe Glasfurd, both of whom I admire enormously.

Tom spoke first, and shared about his journey from a bored network technician to a commercial illustrator who’s just illustrated his first children’s book. I love the midcentury influences in his work, and that particular style he calls his Inky Illustrations (also available as a really excellent Skillshare class).

A human toe in a cocktail is a thing. #sourtoe #canada #yukon

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But! The best part of the evening (for me personally, apologies Tom) was Phoebe’s talk! I’ve long admired Glasfurd & Walker, and it was beyond brilliant to get the chance to hear Phoebe (the aforementioned Glasfurd, and also the Creative Director) talk through some of the processes behind the work they’ve done. It helps that they’re behind the stunning branding of some of my favourite restaurants: Bao Bei, Ask for Luigi, Meat & Bread, and Small Victory, to name a few. Actually, pretty much every product they’ve designed for is awesome, so evidently they just have excellent and extremely discerning taste in everything.

So much thought and detail goes into everything they do, custom tweaks on all the logotypes, a distinctively Glasfurd & Walker flair in the work they put out… 😍😍 I could happily have listened to Phoebe talk through their projects all night long.

Also very worth mentioning, I didn’t show up at Type Brigade alone, but in a plurality of Rach(a)els. We stopped by Field & Social beforehand for fabulously giant salads; my Rustic Orzo salad was delicious and big enough for me to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow, and came with the two best parts of any salad… just the right amount of dressing and loads of bacon!

A plurality of Rach(a)els and associated ‘gramming devices

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