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What is this even?

According to the app title, this is a lottery idle game, and according to the iTunes App Store description, the goal of the game is to escape the soil spoon and become a  gold spoon!!! (Exclamation marks theirs.) Between the pixel art and the spoons, I was absolutely sold enough to download the app. (And also embark down a rabbit hole built of spoons, which is a whole different load of fascinating, actually.) It’s a standard idle tapper game, with a few cute quirks that make it worth a download, although it probably won’t stay on my phone for very long.

To begin… a tutorial! …a one way tutorial in which I can’t go backwards, boo. I like the optimistic”Upgrade your Life” conclusion, though.


Scratching my first lottery ticket! No clue if / what I won, though. Also, I automatically went to rub at the scratch area, but tapping works far better.


Several tickets in, I’ve figured out that the lottery results are displayed in the form of a seal stamped over the scratch card area just before the new card is loaded. I’ve also earned enough for my very first upgrade!


Tickets are now worth a little bit more. I’ve also discovered some sort of progress bar marked by a lightning bolt, and by dint of scratching frantically away, I manage to set my little onscreen me on fire. Whoops.


As far as I can tell though, being on fire doesn’t seem to be helping with my soil spoon escape. Boo. There is, however, also a rainbow daily freebie wheel, which gets me some gems I’m not sure how to spend yet.


Suddenly… a wild cat has appeared!


It’s a Rapid Cat, apparently, and he’s a much better and much faster scratcher than I could ever aspire to be.


In the time it takes for Rapid Cat to get bored and wander away, I’ve earned enough to unlock Friends and items! I unlock William, who proceeds to stand in a corner, scratching away busily, periodically handing me 50 coins. William is a good friend.


Next, the item store! Intriguingly, the item store is divided into two sections; <EARTH> and <SPACE>. Presumably space travel will be an integral part of my journey from soil spoon to gold spoon! Unfortunately, I can currently only afford a Box, which I immediately gift to William, presumably so he has a stable surface to scratch on.


Like every other idle tapper game, there are quests to keep me motivated and tapping away. I complete my first quest; to upgrade the lottery tickets 10 times, and am rewarded with 5 gems and a new quest.


My next quest is to do a part time job. This apparently necessitates my spending 2200 coins to unlock something called “Doll’s eye attaching”, which actually sounds vaguely intriguing, possibly in a horror movie sort of way. Upon starting the job, I can choose to either wait out the time to earn a few hundred coins, or spend gems or more coins to reduce the time. Once I’ve unlocked the job though, it automatically starts over each time I collect my reward. Also, it turns out that spending coins on the part time job actually increases the level of the job, which lets you increase the amount of money earned.


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