Mimpi Dreams.


iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux

$0.99 (iOS)
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Super cute super bouncy game. Each level is one of Mimpi’s dreams… the amount of leg work involved in each dream explains so much about doggie leg twitches! It feels a little like an interactive story with puzzle-style mini games, since killing Mimpi only bumps you to the last checkpoint, with nothing lost. The puzzles do get more complicated, but all the new mechanics are unveiled one at a time, making it very easy to pick up. The dream stories are all quite cute, and it doesn’t need wifi, which makes this an excellent airplane game. Not sure that I’d play it more than once, though.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

First Impressions:

Is that Tintin’s dog? Snowy, I think his name was? Also, that is some seriously bouncy music. Leaving the app open while setting up my very first app review post was a terrible idea, because it took embarrassingly long to figure out what information I want to include and now I’m really sick of the music.

The settings button is a tad hard to find… but playing with the bouncy (sensing a theme here…) parallax helped reveal it as one of the only things that stayed anchored, in addition to the title, the sleeping Mimpi, and the leaderboard. Which, incidentally, turned out not to be a leaderboard (misleading icon aside) but a quick link to the save slots.


Now that the music’s off and I can hear my brain again, can we take a moment to appreciate how hard the animations are working to have fun? For example, toggling any switch on the settings page sets the switch to pulsing until something else onscreen is tapped. The title screen and level select is lovely though, with Mimpi sleeping calmly through being swiped through various dream worlds, right through the slow bounce (yup, definitely a theme) when you land on any one world.

Okay, now onwards to actual gameplay. Level one, commence!


Level One walkthrough:

We begin with a little cutscene, in which we learn that Mimpi is having some difficulties with his neighbour, a cruel cockerel that callously insists on singing while Mimpi is trying to sleep. Mimpi tries to reason with the bird, but this is not a very nice cockerel, so. Nothing doing.


Somehow, Mimpi falls asleep anyway, and wakes up in his dream world, a land of fluffy clouds in a gentle cream sky. Controls are introduced one at a time, starting with a right arrow, which drags Mimpi out of bed and into his usual dream world. Press and hold to move right!


This first level is very much a tutorial level, with a handy cactus arrow introducing me to the concept of blocking walls (appreciate the thorn-free cactus arm that’s saving Mimpy from gory injuries) and secret tunnels. Also, Mimpi can now jump! And bones are presumably the in-game currency?


In addition to the press and hold controls, some things in Mimpi’s world can be directly interacted with.


Jumping on the briefcase opened it, which led to my spending a chunk of time trying to figure out how I could get Mimpy to pick up the contents of the briefcase. This is not a thing.


What is a thing is this lovely green checkpoint, which correlates to one of the scene images under the sleeping Mimpi on the level select page. I’d originally thought that those were sub-levels (e.g. 1-1, 1-2, that sort of deal) but apparently not.


Adventuring on, I found something else that can be picked up… by failing to pick it up. Wonder how lightbulbs factor into Mimpi’s dream, though. Maybe he’s scared of the dark?


Mimpi eventually leaves the forest for an underground cave. And aha! That’s what the lightbulbs are for… puzzle hints!


Huh. These hints are a little cryptic… but props for not using words, accessibility ftw! It’s a little like pictionary, except with a legitimate artist.


But Mimpi manages to escape, and onward we go! A short jaunt through the forest later… Someone needs help! SuperMimpi to the rescue!


Have to figure this one out myself, thanks to that missed lightbulb, but Mimpi frees the… elephant foot creature (Mimpi needs to lay off the rich food before bedtime) and receives another briefcase and we’re all set! …for Mimpi to bark the damn cockerel into getting lasered in a stone creature’s eyesockets, apparently. That bird had it coming.


Chicken bbq for Mimpi and elephant foot creature! And they all lived happily ever after…


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