Bits of last week #11

1. Writing and writing and filling up my Field Notes! Finally starting to make a bit of a dent into my hoard, which slightly justifies my continued annual subscription.

2. Rediscovered a classic old watch, it makes for a nice change from the endless Apple Watch notifications.

3. I must have been a dragon in another life because I love my little treasure hoards.

4. So many ink samples so few pens! Okay, that’s a lie I have many pens too…

5. New plant! Couldn’t resist the curves on this ginseng ficus, let’s see how well I do with this new baby…

6. The weather is starting to turn already, so trying to make the most of every last summer day we get. Sometimes I forget how absolutely stunning Vancouver is, it’s ridiculous!

7. Obsessed with the very tiny leaves that are starting to sprout out on my string of turtles! They’re so wee but so promising that it’s finally starting to grow…

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