Heart Leaf Philodendron

Look at this lush baby! This is the very first plant I ever attempted water propagation with, and to date it has been my most aggressive reproducer!

Every month or two, I’ll notice that my philo is getting a little extra lush and in need of a bit of a trim, which means new cuttings to stick in water!

With each of the cuttings, I try to include at least one node, and two or three leaves so that they’ll have a bit of a headstart when they’ve rooted and are ready to tuck into some soil. Usually too, I’ll leave the cuttings in open air for a few minutes just so the cuts are at least a little bit callused up before I stick them in some water.

With my philo, I have a dedicated jar that a few older water props live in, because I read somewhere that water in which a few rooted cuttings live will help facilitate new cuttings to root faster, so that’s where all my new babies go.

Apparently, philos are very hardy and actually can do quite well living in water (with the help of the occasional fertilising) for ages and ages, which is fascinating because look at those root systems go!

I’ve also potted a few cuttings into their own containers… I started out putting them into lovely pots so I could give them away to friends, but my philo has been reproducing so rapidly I’ve started just recycling containers to house them instead, like this gorgeous sardine can. Sustainability ftw!

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