Things I’ve eaten #4

Gyu-katsu sando

Simple but ridiculously luscious deep-fried AAA beef striploin sandwich with katsu sauce and wasabi mayo from the Tokyo Katsu-Sand food truck. I’ve been walking past this food truck for close to a year and finally got round to giving it a try!

Angry Salmon roll + appetizer sashimi

Tried the seasonal special Angry Salmon roll from Ki-Isu, along with their appetizer sashimi. The Angry Salmon Roll had spicy chopped salmon and avocado roll topped with torched salmon, spicy sauce, and ikura. The combination of flavours was good, but the rice was tragically mushy, which was less good. The salmon, hamachi, tuna, and toro sashimi were classic and tasty though!

Lap cheong + edamame

The last of the special taiwanese sausage my parents gave me, with some simple edamame to balance out the grease.

Ddeok-ko-chi with torched cheddar and sugar

Seoul Truck Street Food is this tiny stall in a tiny random food court in Henderson Place Mall with a literal food truck facade, and they have these amazing deep fried rice cake skewers that are covered with torched cheddar and sugar, so freaking good! Totally worth checking out if you’re in Coquitlam.

Portobello mushroom, beef, and tau pok.

Portobello steak and beef steak showdown! With a side of cucumber stuffed tofu puffs so I can pretend this is a healthy and balanced meal.

Chicken and fish tacos, with a side caesar salad.

Wrapped up a fantastic month of golf lessons with Golf and Tacos with a golf scramble night and the requisite tacos of course! My feet are killing me from all the walking in shoes that don’t quite fit right, but it was enormous fun and I’m definitely going back to the driving range soon.

Korean corn dogs.

Korean corn dogs from TOKKi! I haven’t been able to bring myself to queue for these at the insta-famous Chung Chun Rice Dog joint, so when I saw these I couldn’t resist trying their Monster Bat (sausage + potato chunks) and Super Mozza (nothing but cheese!) corn dogs, but… the final verdict is meh.

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