Y30 Project

I recently turned 29! 🎊🍰🎂🎉 And entered my 30th year of life, and all of a sudden I’m depressingly aware that, like every good millenial, I just can’t even adult. Adulting is hard, okay? 👶🏻 But I am getting on in years now and it’s time to learn to be grown, right?

So I’ve started a little project for year 30 of my life. Like New Years’ Resolutions, only on my birthday instead of the year’s birthday. Something like that. 🤪

I came up with 6 categories and a total of 29 goals (partly because 29th birthday, but mostly because I ran out of goals and also decided to at least pretend to be aiming for something realistic 🤷🏻‍♀️ ) and I’m going to post updates to attempt to keep on track. If nothing else it’d be nice to have worked consistently on this for a whole year? I can stick to things, sort of? 😳

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