Balancing act.



IteratingĀ on a lot of report designs lately. I liked this particular reject for the thermal printer receipt feel… although I kinda suspect that was also why it got rejected šŸ˜”

The best crepes in Vankong.




Ooey gooey cheese and beer+rum flavoured crepes… All done without a measuring cup or a proper whisk, too. Motto of the meal: necessity is the mother of invention.

Forgotten kisses.


My go-to favourite for potlucks because it’s so simple even I can’t mess it up but it’s ever so pretty all the same. It was meant to be a darker orange for thanksgiving, but oh well. Pink is the new orange!

Morning exercise.


Disproportionately proud of these little babies… it’s been a while since I’ve done any icon design. I’m so especially fond of the baby fat on that check and that cross that I just had to share, heh.Ā 

Event headers.

event header

Too sleepy for a wittier title… but I’ve been iterating on event headers for two days now, so tada! Now back to regular scheduled caffeinating…