Star Trek: Trexels

Name: Star Trek: Trexels
By: YesGnome + [x]cube GAMES
Platform: iOS
Price: Free (with IAP)
Genre: Game


A coupla days ago, I came across Star Trek: Trexels in my endless hunt for something new to entertain me, and the gorgeous pixelly old school graphics and the promise of George Takei’s smooth narrations were more than enough to suck me in, and I gotta say, the first little bit of gameplay with all those pretty pixels was absolutely charming.


First impression: Tiny Tower meets Star Trek! You start with a few key rooms such as the bridge, the medical bay, a conference room, and tucked away in (what I assume is) the back of the ship, main engineering and the shuttlebay, and as you progress you unlock rooms and build rooms to which crew members can be sent to work and produce those all important resources. Pretty standard fare, gameplay-wise.
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Super-saturated Chinatown.


There’s always so much to look at in Chinatown… it’s literally a feast for the senses! Vividly warm colours, an odd preponderance of neon pink baseball caps, an abundance of food everywhere (including braised duck tongue, which, while delicious, is also obviously a severed tongue which is causing me cognitive dissonance).


It’s just not Vancouver without those logs… today was the last forecasted day of proper sun for the week, according to my iPhone, and a beach picnic was the perfect way to milk the last drops of summer.

Now I know why I never have anything to wear…


This morning I woke up convinced I have absolutely no accessories at all and desperately need to go shopping. Had a little poke around and huh. I found watches and a few rings on a giraffe, bracelets and odds and ends in a box, necklaces and earrings on my bulletin board, and a dishful of cuffs.

Welp. I was wrong. I’ve got loads of stuff, I just have a complete inability to put things in one place. Also, I’ve clearly got to do a spring clean of all these things…

The importance of comfy flats.


It’s only Tuesday and it’s already a long week… but I had a ton of errands to run today so I pulled out my new favourite dip-hem super soft jersey dress from Glamorous and went to slip on my trusty comfy black flats only to find the soles are falling apart *sob* so. Helloo new(-ish) un-broken in Charles & Keith ballerinas! Did I mention un-broken in…? Yeah. I have blisters upon blisters now… but at least my feet looked pretty!