Adventures in 3d.

Continuing on with the adventures of designing a logo that could be transformed into a pottery stamp, we needed to get the logo to conform to a very specific set of measurements. Our 3D printer couldn’t print widths of smaller than 2mm without running the risk of having the material snap right off, but the stamp couldn’t be larger than 28mm in diameter or it’d be too big for some of the things Chels makes. So we adapted the logo into this chunky little cutie.

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All. teh. guides.


In the process of reviving my poor abandoned blog, I found this particular gem languishing in the drafts folder from… oh… two years ago. /facepalm

Balancing act.



Iterating on a lot of report designs lately. I liked this particular reject for the thermal printer receipt feel… although I kinda suspect that was also why it got rejected 😡

Morning exercise.


Disproportionately proud of these little babies… it’s been a while since I’ve done any icon design. I’m so especially fond of the baby fat on that check and that cross that I just had to share, heh. 

Event headers.

event header

Too sleepy for a wittier title… but I’ve been iterating on event headers for two days now, so tada! Now back to regular scheduled caffeinating…