Snaps from the outside #2

A bunch of good things arrived for me today! Ordered my favourite of the non-limited edition Field Notes, the Cherry Graph 3-pack for the Valentines’ Day special, and it finally arrived! Also picked up a new Knox nib from The Birmingham Pen Company, which I highly recommend for their customer service. The last special thing (which didn’t arrive in the mail, but never mind that) is my box of Ada Lovelace Blackwings, because I’ve been working on drawing more lately, and these are too gorgeous to not use.


Checked out the Takashi Murakami exhibition as well, and it was insanely colourful and blissfully relatively empty today.


My attempt at an #evachenpose, but I realised that I don’t actually ride solo in the backseat of cars very often?

But I do enjoy the idea of tracking my shoes and pins and things everyday. Something to think about… Hmm


Finally checked out Caffe Di Beppe for dinner. Loved the paper ordering system, and the food was also very very good!

Bits of last week.

1. I’ve been obsessed with my tiny new 9oz Swell bottle, which is the perfect size to tuck into most of my bags. Also, palm leaves! I’ve been filling it with carbonated water most days, just because I can. Less exciting are the two bite brownies that came out more like chocolate muffins than brownies. It’s a work in progress…

2. That light! Shorter days means I’m more likely to be home and awake when the good light strikes. With bonus adorably tiny Lubitel TLR keychain

3. This little cloth bag of Midori robot paperclips from my favourite paper shop

4. Watching the rain from inside my warm cozy fishbowl

The importance of comfy flats.


It’s only Tuesday and it’s already a long week… but I had a ton of errands to run today so I pulled out my new favourite dip-hem super soft jersey dress from Glamorous and went to slip on my trusty comfy black flats only to find the soles are falling apart *sob* so. Helloo new(-ish) un-broken in Charles & Keith ballerinas! Did I mention un-broken in…? Yeah. I have blisters upon blisters now… but at least my feet looked pretty!