Things I’ve eaten #2

Chicken Salad

march 11
Attempted some meal prep for the week, like a proper adult! Made my mum’s chicken spread, which is a weird-sounding mishmash of chicken, diced cucumber, diced dried fruit (fig, in this case), jam (I’m currently on a jar of strawberry), mayo, fish sauce (or salt, or soy sauce, but I’m south east asian, so FISH SAUCE), and today, for the figs, a splash of balsamic vinegar. I swear it’s delicious though!

Cherry tomato, balsamic onion, and cheddar omelette.

march 12
The first time I cooked this for someone else, he almost died laughing at my abysmal cooking skills. It’s been a while since then and it’s heaps better now, promise.

Marinated Mushroom and Giuseppe’s Choice pizzas

march 13
Had pizza from Ignite Pizzeria for lunch… My favourite Marinated Mushrooms, which consists of mozzarella, marinated oyster mushrooms, ricotta, parmesan, and a drizzle of truffle oil, and also the fantastic Giuseppe’s Choice, which has fior di latte, soppresata, chunks of crispy bacon, black olives, and lovely caramelized onions.

Shaker lemon pie

march 14
Pi(e) day! So of course I had pie. From Tartine Bread & Pies because I walked past and saw that every slice of pie was $3.14 for Pi Day and how is one to refuse that siren call?

House made Sobrasada

Mule Driver’s Cod

march 15
Went to Tempranillo for a belated birthday dinner! Went for the first time a little while ago, and I think it might be one of my new favourites now. Chef Bill is absolutely brilliant, and every single thing I’ve put in my mouth here has been absolutely brilliant. This time round, we had the Sobrasada, this fantastically spiced pork pate, and the Mule Driver’s Cod, which was this absolutely amazing bright, surprisingly light spread for something that’s essentially made of potato and salt cod. We spread it all over slices of grilled bread and it was so so good, absolutely the best thing I ate all week.

Poke(ish) bowl

march 16
Running errands over lunch and stopped in a hole in the wall Japanese place for a quick bite. Can’t remember where I went, and ordered up a poke bowl that turned out to be a vague attempt to hop onto the local bandwagon. At least the tuna sashimi was pretty fresh, even if it was a little… well. Not exactly what you’d call generously portioned…

Cartems Donuts

Okonomiyaki + Chicken Karaage

Pulled Pork Bao Benny

march 17
Gyoza Bar has a new brunch menu! Unfortunately we failed at reading basic information and rocked up to Gyoza Bar half an hour before they open. Just for future reference, while they might open at 11.30am on weekdays, weekend opening hours are at 12nn. So… we popped over to Cartems Donuts for a bit of pre-brunch breakfast, and then no one could decide so we wound up splitting a box of half dozen. Irish Coffee, Pistachio, Citrus Glaze, Earl Grey, Vanilla Bean, and London Fog. All delicious, although my personal favourites were the Earl Grey, Vanilla Bean, and the Citrus Glaze.
And then! Finally the main event, brunch! Amongst other things, we had the Okonomiyaki + Chicken Karaage, and the Pulled Pork Bao Benny. The baos at Gyoza Bar are some of the best things they make, although to be far I have to admit that I’ve somehow managed to never eat a single gyoza here? And by the way, the maple miso hollandaise is seriously excellent.

Things I’ve eaten #1

Kani Tsukemen

Maze Soba

Tiramisu Sundae

march 7
It’s my birthday! Went out to The Ramen Butcher for a birthday dinner with my family. The first things to arrive were the Kani Tsukemen and the Maze Soba, so by the time the ramen flights (black garlic and red hot chili) showed up, I was too busy stuffing my face to take photos 🤷🏻‍♀️ The Kani Tsukemen was mindblowing, with an intensely crabby broth that I couldn’t get enough of, so thank goodness for the soup-wari our server brought me when I finished the noodles, so I could chug that crabby goodness properly 🤤

After that, we went to my absolute favourite ice cream place in Vancouver… Earnest Ice Cream! They had a fantastic tiramisu sundae for their special sundae, and it was special indeed! 🍨💖


Mini Pulled Beef Rice Bowl

Chicken Skin Chicharrón

march 8
Today’s office lunch was at Gyoza Bar, so obviously I didn’t have any gyoza at all. 🤔 I’ve had the baos from here before, so today I had the Mini Pulled Beef Rice Bowl, which had a spicy soy glaze and was just the right size for my small lunch stomach. And then… I spotted the Chicken Skin Chicharrón and how could I possibly resist the siren song of fried chicken skin? Thank goodness for my lovely coworkers who helped me finish off that golden mountain of crispy chicken skin 🤪 Ooh and the nicely acidic tomato sweet chili sauce was great for cutting the greasiness too 👍🏻


Chef’s Choice Sashimi

Traditional Japanese Pickles

march 9
Sashimi cravings plus a lunchtime errand = Ryuu Japanese Kitchen, which I’ve passed a million times without stopping in. Glad I did today though, because the sashimi (the usual combo of salmon, tuna, hamachi, and mackerel) was fresh and satisfying, and the tsukemono that came with the sashimi, miso soup, and rice was great. I love pickles and now I really want to learn to make proper tsukemono at home, too.


Salted Caramel Cheesecake

march 10
Had to pop down to Seattle for reasons of family, so we stopped at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner, and for me the absolute best part of every Cheesecake Factory meal has to be the cheesecake! This time, I had the Salted Caramel Cheesecake, and it absolutely lived up to expectations 👌🏻

Hapa Izakaya • Taste of Yaletown 2017

It’s the Taste of Yaletown time of the year again! Popped into Hapa Izakaya for their $25 three course menu with a friend and between the two of us we had all the non-vegetarian items on the menu because we’re all about the meat around here.

ichi // first course

For the first course, we had the Beef Tataki and the Ahi Tuna Yukke. The Ahi Tuna Yukke arrived first, along with a vaguely apologetic warning that the dishes would be coming out “randomly” tonight, which turned out to mean that while our dishes did come out in order of the courses, they came out one at a time, which I suppose facilitated sharing the food family style…? It certainly made it easier to focus on one dish at a time!

Ahi Tuna Yukke | Ahi tuna tartare, quail egg, pine nuts, shiso, crispy seaweed for wrapping

The yukke was almost startlingly tiny when it appeared, but I guess that’s what you get for a $25 three course meal? The yukke was excellent, size aside, the ahi tuna sashimi was fresh and delicious, and you can’t go wrong with quail’s egg, really. Definitely something to order again, although perhaps at a more regular serving size.

Beef Tataki | Lightly seared AAA beef, soy barbecue sauce

The beef tataki had cute little slices of lightly marbled beef which was soft and tender but weirdly light on taste. The soy barbecue sauce wasn’t much help, either, unfortunately, but the garlic chips were delicious! (Deja vu… I’ve posted the exact same thing about Hapa Izakaya’s beef tataki before, on Instagram 🤔) The portion size was much much better than the tuna yukke though, so. There’s that going for it.

ni // second course

Chicken Nanban | Fried chicken thigh, daikon tartar sauce

The third thing to arrive was the Chicken Nanban. This was definitely the most sloppily plated dish we got tonight… there were enormous, slightly wilted lettuce leaves tucked in next to the unevenly sized chicken chunks, and messy (probably accidental) sauce smears beside the chicken and in the bowl of tartar sauce, and the whole thing just generally looked unappetizing and out of character for Hapa Izakaya, which normally has reasonably Instagrammable™ dishes. Thankfully, the chicken tasted much better than it looked. The chicken was nicely fried, light and tender, not too oily at all, the tartar sauce was refreshing, and it all went together nicely. Win!

Crispy Panko-Fried Scallops | Fried scallops, jalapeno mango mayo, lotus root chips

Next up were the Crispy Panko-Fried Scallops. The panko crust was excellent, perfectly fried and crispy and a little buttery, but unfortunately the scallops themselves were a touch overcooked and just on the rubbery side of chewy. The lotus root chips were excellent though, especially with the jalapeno mango mayo. That mayo was so good I wouldn’t have minded having the chance to dip the fried chicken in it too, but the mayo didn’t show up til we’d finished all the chicken, boo.

san // third course

Hambagu Steak | Ground AAA Angus beef, minced daikon, ponzu, shiso, garlic chips

This was the least exciting dish we ordered, personally, because my brother makes weirdly good tofu beef hambagu steaks, and I’m all about trying things I can’t get at home at restaurants… and sadly, when it came, I was absolutely not blown away. This Hambagu Steak was a super dense meat patty, so abnormally dense that we had difficulty trying to break it into bite-sized chunks with our chopsticks, and it showed up under a mountain of minced daikon that was at least half the size of the Hambagu Steak itself.

Aburi Saba Sushi | Torched pressed mackerel sushi with sansho pepper

Thankfully, my Aburi Saba Sushi arrived shortly after, because you absolutely can’t go wrong with Aburi Saba here. The other must order at Hapa Izakaya 😍 I guess because this was part of the Taste of Yaletown menu, they didn’t torch it tableside like they normally would. The nice thing about the tableside torching (besides the sheer dramatic awesomeness of FIRE) is that you get to pick how seared you want the saba. I prefer mine barely seared, for maximum raw saba power, but for people who aren’t overly friendly with the intense oily fish flavour that saba serves up, a little more cooked might be a better option.

mr & mrs bund.


mr & mrs bund
bund 18, 6/f, 18 zhongshan dong yi lu
shanghai 200002


amuse-bouche; tuna mousse


hors d’oeuvres; duck foie gras mousse with raisin hazelnut crumble

entrée; risotto with truffles and paris mushrooms + tomato salad

dessert; candied lemon peel filled with lemon sorbet, lemon curd, vanilla chantilly, and a sablé