Things I’ve eaten #5: Sweet Treats Edition

Salted caramel and mango lime macarons

The salted caramel macaron from Thierry is stunning! Also spotted their mango lime macaron and had to give that a try, too. Macarons have to be one of my favourite quick pick-e-up desserts.

Mango frozen yoghurt

Timothy’s is apparently pretty famous around here, but we didn’t realise that when we stopped in, we were just lured in by the fact that their fruit frozen yoghurt is blended on the spot! Worth the hype, especially in the midst of a heatwave!

Roti prata + condensed milk

Had a craving for a childhood favourite… roti prata dipped in condensed milk. The only thing I was missing was a spoonful of Milo powder.

Milk ice cream

I’ve been looking for a replacement for the amazing White Rabbit ice cream sticks that I found once and never again at my local Chinese supermarket. Came across this box of milk ice cream that looked vaguely promising, but when I opened it I found four smaller boxes, each with a block of ice cream! Definitely not a replacement for my White Rabbit treasure, but definitely an interesting find nonetheless.

Caramel fruit sandwich

Okay this was so ridiculously good! The bread was caramelised with a bit of crunchy sugar, and the whipped cream had some solid heft to it, so amazing! In spite of the fruit though, definitely would not call this a healthy snack.

Khao Nieu Ma Muang

Mango with sticky rice! Someone gave my mum some very unsatisfying durian sticky rice, so she had to make some proper sticky rice on her own, which I definitely profited from.

White rabbit mochi doughnut

I’ve been dying to try Their There for ages, and can I just say, their white rabbit mochi doughnut is now officially my favourite doughnut in town. Also how cute is their branding!


I made my own ikura! Look at how fantastically jewel-like these fish eggs are! In this stunning handmade bowl! It took me three freaking hours to skin the egg sacs, but in the end it was totally worth it. Would 100% do this again if anyone has fresh salmon roe to spare.

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Things I’ve eaten #3

My eating habits have spiralled into constant grazing over the course of the pandemic, so here’s a collection of random things I’ve eaten lately.

Hello Nori’s Blue fin maguro chirashi don

Hello Nori has some really good hand rolls, but their chirashi don is pretty solid too! Juicy chunks of maguro, cubes of sweet tamago, ikura, tobiko, and a little dollops of yummy uni, all topped with a sprinkle of edible flowers!

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Class time at the Keg.

We are so desperate for human interaction as a cohort that we wound up having our own mini in-person class. Massive props to the lovely people at the Keg that tucked us into a cozy little corner where we would be out of the way!

Tuna tartare

Can’t study and steak, so I went with my fall-back fav, ahi tuna with a pile of toasty chips and creamy avocado, with a massive squeeze of lime. Tasty!

French onion soup + a margarita

Followed up with a lovely cheesy oniony french onion soup and the special margarita because sometimes class just goes down easier with a little bit of something lubricating hehe

Marinated mozzarella farro bowl.

Been trying to cook a little more, especially since I’ve been working at home so much. My new obsession is grain-based salads, because I can make a huge tupperware’s worth of salad and slowly fork away at it over the course of a few days and the grains just absorb all the delicious flavours and get so tasty, it’s ridiculous. This one was adapted off of a Hello Fresh recipe to work with whatever I had on hand.

Roasted some zucchini and cherry tomatoes, tossed in some random herbs and olive oil. Vegetables are always better roasted, and it’s so easy to shove it in the oven and leave it while I do other things. In this case, watch my prof on Zoom with my video off…

Tore some fresh mozzarella into small chunks, mixed it with some store-bought pesto. Probably one of my favourite sides I’ve picked up from Hello Fresh, although okay basically anything with cheese I’m a sucker for. (Ignore the gory reddish smear in one corner, I poked my cheese with the same fork I’d used to mix up some balsamic dressing, whoops.)

Tossed all my veg and farro together, which had the added bonus of bursting some of the roasted tomatoes out of their skins, which added a bonus bright pop to my balsamic dressing too, so good!

Things I’ve eaten #2

Chicken Salad

march 11
Attempted some meal prep for the week, like a proper adult! Made my mum’s chicken spread, which is a weird-sounding mishmash of chicken, diced cucumber, diced dried fruit (fig, in this case), jam (I’m currently on a jar of strawberry), mayo, fish sauce (or salt, or soy sauce, but I’m south east asian, so FISH SAUCE), and today, for the figs, a splash of balsamic vinegar. I swear it’s delicious though!

Cherry tomato, balsamic onion, and cheddar omelette.

march 12
The first time I cooked this for someone else, he almost died laughing at my abysmal cooking skills. It’s been a while since then and it’s heaps better now, promise.

Marinated Mushroom and Giuseppe’s Choice pizzas

march 13
Had pizza from Ignite Pizzeria for lunch… My favourite Marinated Mushrooms, which consists of mozzarella, marinated oyster mushrooms, ricotta, parmesan, and a drizzle of truffle oil, and also the fantastic Giuseppe’s Choice, which has fior di latte, soppresata, chunks of crispy bacon, black olives, and lovely caramelized onions.

Shaker lemon pie

march 14
Pi(e) day! So of course I had pie. From Tartine Bread & Pies because I walked past and saw that every slice of pie was $3.14 for Pi Day and how is one to refuse that siren call?

House made Sobrasada

Mule Driver’s Cod

march 15
Went to Tempranillo for a belated birthday dinner! Went for the first time a little while ago, and I think it might be one of my new favourites now. Chef Bill is absolutely brilliant, and every single thing I’ve put in my mouth here has been absolutely brilliant. This time round, we had the Sobrasada, this fantastically spiced pork pate, and the Mule Driver’s Cod, which was this absolutely amazing bright, surprisingly light spread for something that’s essentially made of potato and salt cod. We spread it all over slices of grilled bread and it was so so good, absolutely the best thing I ate all week.

Poke(ish) bowl

march 16
Running errands over lunch and stopped in a hole in the wall Japanese place for a quick bite. Can’t remember where I went, and ordered up a poke bowl that turned out to be a vague attempt to hop onto the local bandwagon. At least the tuna sashimi was pretty fresh, even if it was a little… well. Not exactly what you’d call generously portioned…

Cartems Donuts

Okonomiyaki + Chicken Karaage

Pulled Pork Bao Benny

march 17
Gyoza Bar has a new brunch menu! Unfortunately we failed at reading basic information and rocked up to Gyoza Bar half an hour before they open. Just for future reference, while they might open at 11.30am on weekdays, weekend opening hours are at 12nn. So… we popped over to Cartems Donuts for a bit of pre-brunch breakfast, and then no one could decide so we wound up splitting a box of half dozen. Irish Coffee, Pistachio, Citrus Glaze, Earl Grey, Vanilla Bean, and London Fog. All delicious, although my personal favourites were the Earl Grey, Vanilla Bean, and the Citrus Glaze.
And then! Finally the main event, brunch! Amongst other things, we had the Okonomiyaki + Chicken Karaage, and the Pulled Pork Bao Benny. The baos at Gyoza Bar are some of the best things they make, although to be far I have to admit that I’ve somehow managed to never eat a single gyoza here? And by the way, the maple miso hollandaise is seriously excellent.