Spider Plant

This is one of my favourite pots! Look at that fantastic little face… so of course I had to put my spider plant in this charming dude, he really rocks that hair! It’s also genuinely a very low maintenance plant, doesn’t need too much sunlight, doesn’t get all dramatic if it’s a little dehydrated… just lots of lovely sproingy leaves everywhere!


One of my dad’s customers gave him a pair of tomato plants that somehow found their way into my hands and they’ve grown so tall that they’re flopping all over the place now. Got some advice that if I’m keeping them indoors I should actually keep them under 2 feet tall, plus this might help force fruit, so. We’ll see! Hopefully I haven’t just completely killed them off entirely…

Plant shelf.

Finally got round to putting up a dedicated plant shelf rather than leaving them scattered around various flat surfaces, and it is BEAUTIFUL.


When I first got my monstera, the leaves were short and small and minimally hole-y. Over some time, though, it’s grown enormously, and the biggest leaves have sprouted those lovely classic holes! In fact it’s grown so well that I’ve taken the leap to cull the biggest and lushest leaves to attempt to propagate them!

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