Bits of last week #6

1. Making the most of my last few weeks of sunny empty days by spending as much time as possible writing on the beach. This has mostly resulted in weird ink stains and patchy tanlines, but I’m slowly unwinding my brain from the jumble it’s been in.

2. My Eve’s Needle cactus is thriving like it never has before this summer! Of all my plant babies, this one’s my oldest; she somehow survived years of neglect, just somehow quietly getting along in spite of my regularly forgetting to water or fertilize her. And then over the pandemic, I discovered my green thumb and started taking proper care of her, and suddenly she’s sprouting right up!

3. I did a short clay workshop a few months ago, and made this weird little feline creature, with her vague anime Bastet vibes. I’ve been taking her everywhere with me, my new totem!

4. This summer has been definitely been a good time for my plants, also wound up water propping my little peperomia… every time I go to water my little sprouts there’s always a new leaf or two, which is kinda amazing!

5. I took my first hand-thrown pottery class and made these two wobbly uneven little containers! Depending on how they survive being fired, I’ll probably turn them into more pots for my growing plant collection, ha.

6. Really been enjoying my newly discovered green thumb lately. Germinating a couple little basil seeds, and also slowly sprouting tiny roots on a couple arms of my Eve’s Needle cactus!

7. Quick dinner, miso soup with loads of wakame, grilled salmon, and some edamame.

Bits of last week #5

1. Quiet heatwave day at the beach. Also I have developed a weird fondness for my watch + ring tan now.

2. Finally picked up a string of turtles! And in a lovely vintage brass pot to boot. Also got regifted a rosemary plant that someone gave my parents, which is now happily resettled into a fantastic handmade pot Chels gave me!

3. Took my beloved Minolta out for an airing for the first time since the pandemic kicked in. With bonus grumpy cat clay creation that I haven’t been able to stop fidgeting with.

4. Ikura success! It took a horrifying amount of time to unshuck this jarful of salmon roe from their egg sacs, but somehow they transformed into these lovely little intense orange gems.

5. Finally reunited with one of my besties after a year and a half apart and we had good tea, great chats, and I left with a handful of lemon mint cuttings that smell ridiculously fantastic and will hopefully sprout for me

Class time at the Keg.

We are so desperate for human interaction as a cohort that we wound up having our own mini in-person class. Massive props to the lovely people at the Keg that tucked us into a cozy little corner where we would be out of the way!

Tuna tartare

Can’t study and steak, so I went with my fall-back fav, ahi tuna with a pile of toasty chips and creamy avocado, with a massive squeeze of lime. Tasty!

French onion soup + a margarita

Followed up with a lovely cheesy oniony french onion soup and the special margarita because sometimes class just goes down easier with a little bit of something lubricating hehe

Adventures in 3d.

Continuing on with the adventures of designing a logo that could be transformed into a pottery stamp, we needed to get the logo to conform to a very specific set of measurements. Our 3D printer couldn’t print widths of smaller than 2mm without running the risk of having the material snap right off, but the stamp couldn’t be larger than 28mm in diameter or it’d be too big for some of the things Chels makes. So we adapted the logo into this chunky little cutie.

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Bits of last week #3

1. These white rabbit candy ice cream bars! When I was growing up, my grandmother seemed to have an endless supply of these milky chewy candies that came wrapped up in edible rice paper. Came across the ice cream version of these in a local Chinese supermarket, so of course I had to get a few boxes, which is just as well as I can’t find them anywhere anymore…

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iOS / Android

Free to download with 10 free film types
Additional film ranges in costs from $0.99 to $2.79

Okay so I have a massive weakness for film photography apps, but FIMO is a genuinely fun one! It’s got some absolutely fantastic haptic feedback integrated into the gorgeous UI touches, like the film loader that pops open to show you the negatives of the last few images you’ve shot.

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