Bits of last week #11

1. Writing and writing and filling up my Field Notes! Finally starting to make a bit of a dent into my hoard, which slightly justifies my continued annual subscription.

2. Rediscovered a classic old watch, it makes for a nice change from the endless Apple Watch notifications.

3. I must have been a dragon in another life because I love my little treasure hoards.

4. So many ink samples so few pens! Okay, that’s a lie I have many pens too…

5. New plant! Couldn’t resist the curves on this ginseng ficus, let’s see how well I do with this new baby…

6. The weather is starting to turn already, so trying to make the most of every last summer day we get. Sometimes I forget how absolutely stunning Vancouver is, it’s ridiculous!

7. Obsessed with the very tiny leaves that are starting to sprout out on my string of turtles! They’re so wee but so promising that it’s finally starting to grow…

Bits of last week #10

1. New job means new notebooks and fresh post-it stacks!

2. Since I put up my plant shelf and congregated all my plants in one place, I’m starting to learn what time of day gets me the most beautiful sunlit plant moments. They’re magical.

3. Madly indulging my love of pen and paper lately. Now I’ve got one stack for my life in general, and one stack dedicated specifically for work.

4. Been writing so much lately that I’ve had to refill two different pens this week. Great opportunity to play with more sample inks!

5. Realised recently that I have a pretty substantial Field Notes collection. Literally have boxes and boxes of these things, another reason to pen and paper more!

Things I’ve eaten #5: Sweet Treats Edition

Salted caramel and mango lime macarons

The salted caramel macaron from Thierry is stunning! Also spotted their mango lime macaron and had to give that a try, too. Macarons have to be one of my favourite quick pick-e-up desserts.

Mango frozen yoghurt

Timothy’s is apparently pretty famous around here, but we didn’t realise that when we stopped in, we were just lured in by the fact that their fruit frozen yoghurt is blended on the spot! Worth the hype, especially in the midst of a heatwave!

Roti prata + condensed milk

Had a craving for a childhood favourite… roti prata dipped in condensed milk. The only thing I was missing was a spoonful of Milo powder.

Milk ice cream

I’ve been looking for a replacement for the amazing White Rabbit ice cream sticks that I found once and never again at my local Chinese supermarket. Came across this box of milk ice cream that looked vaguely promising, but when I opened it I found four smaller boxes, each with a block of ice cream! Definitely not a replacement for my White Rabbit treasure, but definitely an interesting find nonetheless.

Caramel fruit sandwich

Okay this was so ridiculously good! The bread was caramelised with a bit of crunchy sugar, and the whipped cream had some solid heft to it, so amazing! In spite of the fruit though, definitely would not call this a healthy snack.

Khao Nieu Ma Muang

Mango with sticky rice! Someone gave my mum some very unsatisfying durian sticky rice, so she had to make some proper sticky rice on her own, which I definitely profited from.

White rabbit mochi doughnut

I’ve been dying to try Their There for ages, and can I just say, their white rabbit mochi doughnut is now officially my favourite doughnut in town. Also how cute is their branding!

Spider Plant

This is one of my favourite pots! Look at that fantastic little face… so of course I had to put my spider plant in this charming dude, he really rocks that hair! It’s also genuinely a very low maintenance plant, doesn’t need too much sunlight, doesn’t get all dramatic if it’s a little dehydrated… just lots of lovely sproingy leaves everywhere!

Bits of last week #9

1. Super obsessed with the green growing things on my super fancy plant shelf. I never thought of myself as having a green thumb of any sort, so pandemic self-discovery win!

2. Been on a bit of a cleaning and decluttering kick lately, and I’ve discovered a ton of teas that I forgot I had, ha.

3. My messy and organically-grown gallery walls are so good to look at and make me feel so happy!

4. Coffee for me and water for my plants.

5. About a third of the way through this year’s temperature blanket, and while I didn’t pick the colours particularly intentionally this time round, I’m still enjoying seeing it build up!

6. Sunny breezy day, an enormous latte, and iridescent slippers. Lovely morning.


I made my own ikura! Look at how fantastically jewel-like these fish eggs are! In this stunning handmade bowl! It took me three freaking hours to skin the egg sacs, but in the end it was totally worth it. Would 100% do this again if anyone has fresh salmon roe to spare.

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One of my dad’s customers gave him a pair of tomato plants that somehow found their way into my hands and they’ve grown so tall that they’re flopping all over the place now. Got some advice that if I’m keeping them indoors I should actually keep them under 2 feet tall, plus this might help force fruit, so. We’ll see! Hopefully I haven’t just completely killed them off entirely…