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Free to download with 10 free film types
Additional film ranges in costs from $0.99 to $2.79

Okay so I have a massive weakness for film photography apps, but FIMO is a genuinely fun one! It’s got some absolutely fantastic haptic feedback integrated into the gorgeous UI touches, like the film loader that pops open to show you the negatives of the last few images you’ve shot.

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Marinated mozzarella farro bowl.

Been trying to cook a little more, especially since I’ve been working at home so much. My new obsession is grain-based salads, because I can make a huge tupperware’s worth of salad and slowly fork away at it over the course of a few days and the grains just absorb all the delicious flavours and get so tasty, it’s ridiculous. This one was adapted off of a Hello Fresh recipe to work with whatever I had on hand.

Roasted some zucchini and cherry tomatoes, tossed in some random herbs and olive oil. Vegetables are always better roasted, and it’s so easy to shove it in the oven and leave it while I do other things. In this case, watch my prof on Zoom with my video off…

Tore some fresh mozzarella into small chunks, mixed it with some store-bought pesto. Probably one of my favourite sides I’ve picked up from Hello Fresh, although okay basically anything with cheese I’m a sucker for. (Ignore the gory reddish smear in one corner, I poked my cheese with the same fork I’d used to mix up some balsamic dressing, whoops.)

Tossed all my veg and farro together, which had the added bonus of bursting some of the roasted tomatoes out of their skins, which added a bonus bright pop to my balsamic dressing too, so good!

Bits of last week #2

1. These lovely double-walled India Mahdavi x Nespresso coffee cups, even if one morning in my sleep-deprived haze I somehow managed to pour half the cup into my lap. They feel fantastic to the touch, and have just the right amount of weight to feel super satisfying to handle

2. This beautiful view while I waited to get my second Covid-19 vaccine dose… I am now officially fully vaccinated! Less fun was the subsequent headache and fever and exhaustion, but… eh. Worth it.

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Burano… the land of candy-coloured houses and insanely amazing seafood. Seafood so good I completely forgot to take any photos, whoops.